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your cars extended warranty

New Media Senior Show

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Andrew Patti


Andrew Patti

Encounter a journey to complete tranquility in which your mind and body join together to awaken a euphoric sensory experience unlike any other.

Jason Harrington



With what's happening to people around the world, it's important to know WE MATTER.

Medium: Video


Sophia Goode

Through Two Doors At Once


An exploration of a primordial and modern being, Fungi. Mycelium, the underground network of Fungi, are the deeply woven strands that connect ecosystems all over the planet. They have an unmatched capability to adapt, even through multiple extinctions. Perhaps Fungi can offer a new way of seeing what humans view as a linear timeline of instances, but could see, rather, as an entangled story of all.

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Solomon Falls



In the game sEVEN a boy has lost pieces of his soul and is running from his shadow as he recovers them. If his shadow catches up to him before he has recovered all the pieces of his soul, then he becomes consumed by it and has to start over. Once the boy has collected all seven pieces of his soul he becomes complete and able to accept his shadow. I chose the number seven because it represents completion.

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Taryn Collymore

Going Nowhere

Taryn Collymore

A multi-channel video piece about identity, isolation and feeling simultaneously connected and disconnected to personhood.

Jack Palmiotti

A Four Part Perspective on ︎Dyslexia and the Mind.

Jack Palmiotti

A video projection of the alternative methods of how a mind can interact with information through the embracive expression of dyslexia. The sourced perspective, associative ideas, communication, internalized information, affecting sensitivities, engagement, and disruption is that of from my experiences with dyslexia in such mind-pressing situations.

Materials : Digital Video, Archival Found Footage, and Video Graphics

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Courtney Romano

you're cancelled.

Courney Romano

With social media growing and changing over the years, people have been trying to find ways to hold people accountable for their inappropriate or inconsiderate actions. However, there's a difference between holding people accountable and letting them grow, versus calling someone out and never letting them have the opportunity to change.

Medium: Digital Photography/Graphic Art

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Anthony Romagnoli

Lost in Remnants


Lost in Remnants is a game shrouded in mystery. The character doesn't even remember their own name. Maybe if you spend some time looking around you'll find some answers

Medium: Video Game

Meraiah Bodden

Away from Home


Away from Home is a collection of recycled, everyday objects that reflect our current state of mind. Old works, scrap paper, cardboard, and household objects were combined and transported into a greater digital work.The works are meant to be combined in various ways within the website to reflect an ever changing world.



Tom LaRosa

Support Our Whistleblowers


A tall tale depicting the trappings of a local whistleblower. Sharing advice, personal experience and knowledge while concealing themselves from their employer by digitally altering their face.

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Trevor Trotto

Harvey The Penguin


An interactive sculpture that follows the story of a lost penguin trying to discover its place in a growing technological world.  Will you be able to help Harvey discover what it means to find a home, or will you fall into the rabbit hole that is Harvey's reality.

Seamus Tynan



Interactive electronic musical instruments and noise-makers with household objects. Created with Arduino Open-source electronic prototyping platform.

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Joe Song

language barriers

Joe Song

An experimental film that explores my experience with language barriers and the repercussions from cultural and generational gaps.

Nicole Lauro



A collection of self-portrait collages, including digital and analog ephemera. The work encompasses themes of self-growth and self-reflection, inward and external exploration and connectivity. Using myself as my muse, I demonstrated an intuitive body map which explores and divulges into my subconscious as well as a collection of digital artworks that provide more context and personal meaning to the collection as a whole. Oh and remember: you are the creator of your own reality. Do with that what you please. With love, Nicole​

Materials: Mixed Media

Jack Meisterich

A Building in the Distance


A Building in the Distance is an online video installation about the ways geography and urban design influence growing societal alienation. The piece focuses on the model of the shopping mall as a symbol of both commercial malaise and latent hope, embodying both the best and worst of shared spaces, while perhaps offering a jumping off point from which these spaces can be improved.

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George Witnauer

The Peripheral Image


The peripheral image is a category of image essential to the movement of attention/minds, and as such, the production of value on the Internet today. Despite its mass proliferation, instrumental visibility, and essential role in the shaping of audiences online the peripheral image remains relatively opaque and unexamined, likely due to its status as simple Internet detritus. A closer look and one might find these images to be not simply pernicious runoff of platform capitalism, but the formalizing of a logic of audience creation that shapes the very contours of our thought.

Danny Fisher

Danny Fisher Kills the Government


Danny Fisher Kills the Government is a satirical political video game, taking the player through the journey of Danny Fisher, as he and a party of local New Yorkers foster community, tussle with cops, girl-bosses, CEOs, and Mayor de Blasio himself. In this love letter to classic RPGs such as Pokemon and Earthbound, many events and obstacles are based on real hardships and brutalities faced by NYC residents throughout the current Mayor’s term, featuring characters based on real politicians, activists, and community members.

Haley Maerz

NiteMaerz Gallery Extended

haley maerz

NiteMaerz Gallery Extended is a pitch deck taking the form of a digital book. Its contents explores how art galleries can be modernized and improved and showcases original photographic works. This book highlights how vital environmental protection is and how that message can be spread wider and made more impactful.

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Christa McGuire

Washed Up Mess


A woman’s life followed under the male gaze in the media. Heavily influenced by famous women known in the media today.

Medium: Video Collage

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Wyatt Desloovere

Monsters, Masks, and Machines


Our identities become flexible in response to the new modalities of the internet and social media. Given the mask of anonymity, people’s digital personas are subject to a sort of malleability that is otherwise impossible to replicate in the “real world.” What happens when the basest, most monstrous sides of humanity become enabled by the mask of this anonymity?

Medium: Digital collage, cut and paste collage, Unity world

Jeffrey Fukushima


Jeffrey Fukushima

A podcast that takes place in one dimension, with your two hosts, Point A and Point B. Topics that are explored include the theory of higher dimensions and ways of interpreting the uninterpretable.


Christian DiBenedetto

Project Fountain


A soda fountain machine that not only fits on your desk, but uses cryptocurrency for payment.


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