New Media

At Suny Purchase

Your Cars Extended Warranty came together through the spaces within the internet realm. As COVID-19 was in full effect, we were confined to our own homes and zones of art making. Despite the physical separation, there maintained a strong sense of combining ideas and projects to successfully present what we felt strongly about. We felt inspired by the mass of overwhelming information we are all bombarded with on a daily basis and wanted to play on that reality.

A Special Thanks to

The New Media class of 2021 wants to give a special thanks to Joe McKay, Michael Bell-Smith and the rest of the New Media Faculty. Their guidance and knowledge has paved the way for our success, and we would have not been able to have done it without them! We would also like to give a thanks to Sara Magenheimer, Lee Tusman, Yong Hee Kim, Paul Thayer, Paula Halperin, Rachel Fabian, Brooke Singer, and Shaka McGlotten. And a thanks you to you for coming to see our digital show, and sharing the experience throught the distance. We hope that you've enjoyed the work!